New Paw Butter Label Saga Drama du Jour

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I know, I know, I have a tendency to tinker with the labels…sometimes I am happy with a certain label, but not screamingly ecstatic with it. Almost as if I talk myself into liking it (I have done that with men in my life before-sigh), but I cannot get the little voice out of the back of my mind every time I see the label. It says, “Hmm, you did not quite nail that one.” That is how my Paw Butter™labels have been. Whispering to me, muttering and mumbling that I did not quite have exactly what I wanted. That the label was not conveying the essence of the energy of the product…that is just was not quite RIGHT.

This whimsical label with three different dog paws is just the mood I wanted to convey and I am so excited about this label. I took pictures of my own dogs feet, trolled the various stock photo services I use and even emailed some friends begging for dog feet pictures! I was semi-obsessed!

Here is how the process goes…I get an idea and mull it over, let it percolate and then start collecting the images. If the label is not screaming in my head to be redone (and drowning out the OTHER voices in my head) then this stage can last a while. I find images, I save them, I let them stew a bit, I find more, delete some and keep at it. Then one day, I swear as if possessed I cannot stop tinkering and tweaking and changing the label. My bestie buddy Photoshop and I nudge and shift and layer and play until I stop and say, “That is it!”

Yeah, I know it is not brain surgery or saving some village from starvation, but I feel like I have accomplished something and can go to bed with a big smile on my face! So, enjoy the unveiling of the newest, bright SHINY Paw Butter™ label.

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