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Who Makes the NOSE BUTTER?

2 min read

I do! Yes, I do! This Organic Dog Salve is All Made by Me

Every single tube, tin and batch of The Blissful Dog’s Nose Butter, Paw Butter, Elbow Butter and Boo Boo Butter organic dog salve is handcrafted individually by ME. I know you may think it would be easy to toss the ingredients in a bowl and pop it into tins, but trust me…there is a lot more to it than that. Handcrafting organic dog balm is not that easy!

So many factors can affect the outcome of handcrafted, organic dog salve products – from humidity to variances in the consistency of the various ingredients to a drought in some far away land. That is also part of the fun and challenge of it all!

Since everything is organic there may be some very small nuance of a difference  from one batch to the next. That is part of the charm of hand-crafted products.

Then, I actually age my products for a bit and test some of each batch on my own dogs (and me) before shipping it to my customers. So, I suppose I should state that my products are truly tested on animals! Hmm, not quite like a fine wine, but what the heck, I am just as proud of my Nose Butter as any wine master in Napa Valley!

My husband finds it ironic that I do not cook (at all-ever), but I will tweak and ponder over and test my various butter recipes in a seemingly never-ending process. We joke that I am like a really goofy Breaking Bad episode – except Nose Butter is LEGAL! Honestly, I love working with my butters and is my skin soft-hahaha!


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