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Nose Butter for Dogs – Tin or aTube?

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Nose Butter for Dogs – What is the Difference Between Nose Butter in a Tin and in a Tube?

Nose Butter for Dogs – Tin or Tube? Is there a Difference? Good question! The Butter analogy, it is an obvious one, but one that works. Hey, the whole “Butter” things is what got us started on this!

Nose Butter for Dogs in the regular, classic tin is like whipped butter in a tub. It is fluffier and melts after on your biscuit or oatmeal (ok, now I am really hungry-hot buttery biscuits). When I make the Nose Butter I actually whip the product to give it more lift and lightness.

Nose Butter in the tube is a denser consistency like a stick of butter. So, with the tube it is easier to apply, but may take a teeny bit longer to melt into the nose. Use less of the tube product, just a swipe is enough! By the way, the Nose Butter in the slide-top tins, the little .25 and the .50 is the same formulation as the Nose Butter in the Tube. This recipe, the denser variation, is poured directly into the tubes and little slide-top tins.

I know when you read the ingredients in the tin and the tube that it reads virtually the exact same. It is literally just nuances of a difference in the proportions of the ingredients in the recipes. But it is enough to make that little bit of a difference in consistency.

Some of my customers swear by the tin and others are tube lovers.

Remember that Nose Butter for Dogs is for Noses…not Biscuits!

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