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Nose Butter Slide Top Tin – GREAT Gift

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Nose Butter Slide Top Tin Containers

Remember the first time you saw these adorable little tins? Was it in the 70s with cherry lip gloss in it? Made you smile, didn’t it? Well, here they are again with NOSE BUTTER in them. Tuck these Nose Butter slide top tins into a gift stocking or envelope to send as a Holiday Happy! Imagine how happy that dog show friend with the Dogue de Bordeaux (who always complains of never finding anything with her breed) or your aunt with that crusty nosed Pug would be? Or mail several to your favorite rescue and ask them to distribute to needy dogs. (for every four you buy I will give you a freebie one of the same size – good for either size) Just a few ideas for this fun item.

Nose Butter slide top tin has a denser consistency like a stick of butter. This allows it to be poured into this little tin, but may take a teeny bit longer to melt into the nose. Use less of the this product, just a swipe is enough! By the way, the Nose Butter in the slide-top tins is available in .25 (1/4) and the .50 (1/2) ounce sizes.

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