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Amazing Nose Butter Review “There Was a Remarkable Difference.”

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Amazing NOSE BUTTER review! This absolutely made my day and I am so blessed to be able to share a product that makes such a difference in dog’s lives.

Dear Kathy,

Thank you so very, very much for your product! I wish I had received it just a little earlier (I placed the order on a Monday and received it the following Monday)… but I did see that it was really the post office slacking because you were all over that shipment the following day!!! So first of all, I took notice of your wonderful customer service. THANK YOU!

Secondly, I really adore your product. It was wonderful. I have a 4 year old German Shepherd and this year his poor little snout has just gotten so dry! I also have a 4 month old female GSD, and she constantly terrorizes my big boy. :) He’s so well tempered that he just lets her do it and only stops her if she “really” hurts him.

Anyway, I was getting more and more concerned because he’d had dry noses in the past, but never this dry, gray, cracked nose with what appeared to be really deep fissures in these cracks! (I’m an ICU nurse, so assessment is definitely on my superior skills). Also, his lips at the corner of his mouth have horrible scabs on them and give him VERY FOWL smelling breath. I’ve taken him to the vet, we’ve done steroids, we’ve done topical antibiotics, we’ve done oral antibiotics, we’ve changed food, we’ve taken skin samples (again, the ICU nurse in me worries…). But these darn cracks and scabs in his lips just kept coming back. With his nose all of a sudden becoming an issue now, I of course set off to the internet looking to see what could be causing this, because clearly the money I was throwing into traditional veterinary medicine wasn’t helping… I wound up scaring myself to high heavens because everything lead to cancer! (Can’t a dog just be “under the weather” nowadays?) I knew he wasn’t dehydrated, perhaps it’s just THAT dry and the 2 humidifiers I had running weren’t enough? Still, all the household treatments suggested were “Vaseline, Vaseline, Vaseline….” Who wants to put VASELINE on a dogs nose just so he can lick it off?! I wouldn’t DARE eat Vaseline or go around licking it like a Popsicle, so why would I even consider putting that on my dog?!

After about 40 minutes or more of searching different causes and treatments, I googled “dry dog nose,” and came across a website called Sarah’s Dogs. At the bottom of the page, you had left a comment in July. That’s what lead me to your page. I just thought you’d like to know how I found out about you. What “sold” me on buying your product was the Etsy relation. When I realized you were available through Etsy, I knew immediately that you’d be credible. That, and accepting PayPal.

As I’m sure you have heard, your product is amazing! Whilst waiting for your product to arrive, I did use a bit of oil (not because I read it anywhere, but simply because I knew oil wouldn’t be “unhealthy” for pets) and it certainly got the moisture back into his nose, but the ridges were still ever present and deep. After the first application of your product, there was a REMARKABLE difference. Within 3 applications his nose was probably 90% or more of his norm. I also have liked the elbow butter. I’ve not seen as noticeable of a difference in this area, but his elbows are softer. They never really were too big of an issue for him, but I figured since I was trying one of your products, I might as well indulge on a second.

After only a couple days of using your product, I will be forwarding your site on to the rest of my dog-loving family. You have definitely earned a life-long customer with me and I hope to continue to turn additional business your way. Thank you for making a wonderful, safe, and all natural product for my beautiful babies.

Thank you so much!!


From Kathy: Once again, I am so moved by the amazing Nose Butter review. It means so much to me.

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