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Testimonial for The Blissful Dog Labradoodle NOSE BUTTER!

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Testimonial for Labradoodle Nose Butter

Testimonial for The Blissful Dog – Thank you so very much for your incredible product. We have a 13-year-old labradoodle and have taken him to the vet on numerous occasions for his poor, crusty nose. They put him on antibiotics several times, but they only helped a little bit, and went he went off them, the nose returned to its beleaguered state.

With your product, we saw immediate improvement! It was actually really amazing. George is on his way to being restored to his original state of immense.

The nose was really gross. It was bloody, and there was a growth off of it. It seemed to even cause him pain, as we could tell when we touched it .

Blissful Dog has really helped him so much, and it makes us so happy. Your product is truly incredible, and all three of us thank you sincerely from the bottom of our hearts.

I will recommend your product whenever I see a dog with a nose that looks like could use some help.

Thanks again,

Steve, Sierra, and George

Thank you so much for such a glowing Testimonial for The Blissful Dog. Emails like this make our hearts sing. Big Hugs to George and smooth noses for him for the rest of his happy days!

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