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3 for $9 Nose Butter

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3 for $9 Nose Butter – Your Breed Choice

On January 27th the USPS had a pretty dramatic price increase, especially for international shipping. I am fully aware that my ancestors would have been thrilled to be able to send a package back to Scotland or Ireland for $7 and have it get there in days. But I wanted to make sure I was doing all that I could to take care of my customers. Stay with me, there is a thought process in play. It really bugged me to think of some dog lover in Australia paying $8 to ship a $4 tube of NOSE BUTTER. Thus, the 3 for $9 Nose Butter new price was conceived.

The three .15 (think chapstick) sized NOSE BUTTERS are popped into an organza bag (color may vary) and on to you. This is a great item to donate to rescue auctions or do the old, keep one, give one. That way, when the package comes you can tell your SO (significant other) or yourself, if you have that type of conversation, that you were actually buying a gift and are just keeping one. Good rationalization.

Breeds in this pricing structure are Boston Terriers, Bulldogs, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Chihuahuas, French Bulldogs, Japanese Chins, Just A Nose, Pekingese and Pugs. If you want this special in any other breed, just email or contact me and ask.

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