New Bloodhound Label

by Kathy Dannel Vitcak 2 min read

Bloodhound Dry Nose ?

A customer called the other day and asked if I had a Bloodhound label, I told him I did not, and he decided upon the Just A Nose. When I hung up, I realized the Bloodhound has the MOST famous nose in all of dog-dom, so there absolutely had to be a Nose Butter label for them! So, Tah-Dah here it is. Below are some fun facts about this ancient, interesting breed…enjoy! Bloodhound dry nose has to be banished now!

Bloodhound Blissful Bits

  • The Bloodhound was first used by law enforcement agencies in England in 1805 to track thieves and poachers.
  • In the U.S Judicial System, evidence gathered with the help of a Bloodhound is admissible – the only breed of dog the court recognizes.
  • The St Hubert was first bred 1000 AD by monks at the Saint-Hubert Monastery in Belgium.
  • Charles IX (1550-1574), preferred the larger Chiens-gris, and wrote “the St Huberts were suitable for people with gout to follow, but not for those who wished to shorten the life of the hunted animal.”

Bloodhounds in the Movies

  • A bloodhound appears when Big Daddy goes outside while changing the porch light in the 1958 classic film, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.
  • The bloodhound is seen in the 2009 film, Hotel for Dogs.
  • A pack of bloodhounds track down Paul Newman’s character in Cool Hand Luke.
  • A bloodhound is seen while Lennie and Eli are tracking down the title character in the 1991 film, Bingo.
  • A bloodhound is seen as part of the dog pack in Secondhand Lions.
  • The bloodhound is seen in The Borrowers (1997 film).
  • Lightning the bloodhound is seen in Racing Stripes, voiced by Snoop Dogg.
  • A pack of bloodhounds search for Tim Robbins character, Andy Dufresne, after he escapes prison in The Shawshank Redemption.[49]
  • Doug Heffernan briefly adopts a bloodhound in the King of Queens episode Ruff Goin’.
  • Hubert is the name of Harlan Pepper’s (Christopher Guest) bloodhound in the cult comedy Best in Show (2000 film)
  • In the animated show King of the Hill, Hank Hill’s beloved dog Ladybird is a bloodhound
  • The abilities of bloodhounds were put to the test in two episodes of Mythbusters.
  • The bloodhound face is used as a logo for the main antagonist “Elite Hunting Club” in Hostel (2005 film), Hostel: Part II, and Hostel: Part III respectively.
  • “Mcgruff” The Crime Dog was a notable animated bloodhound.

–From Wikipedia



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