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InBox Zero

1 min read

I read an article on achieving email InBox Zero. Of course, I was all over that and set about organizing my inbox and becoming Peter Walsh’s heir apparent. I was horrified to find a folder full of amazing testimonials and fabulous photos of dogs enjoying their NOSE BUTTER and more. A normal person would not admit this, but what the heck…I am just thrilled I found them! So, watch for some fun reviews, touching testimonials and fabulous pictures to pop up over the next few days.

Here is one that made me smile from ear to ear!

I was given a gift for my foster Frenchie. It was the “Nose Butter” and it really does help with taking away the dryness! Chaya loves it when I rub the nose butter into her nose! Smells so good. Chaya is going through acupuncture treatments and needs all the relaxation she can get.

Thanks for the great products!
K.K and Chaya

I just wanted to say Thank You so much for such great products! You’re awesome!

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