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German Shepherd Nose Butter Rave Review

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German Shepherd Nose Butter Rave Review

The following is a Facebook exchange between a delighted German Shepherd lover and me.

Just received the Nose Butter in the mail today… My German Shepard’s nose was all crusted over, took to vet 3 times to tell me its because she is old. The crust already came off but her nose continues to crack and is real dry from her licking all the time, just doesn’t seem like it wants to heal up. Keeping my fingers crossed.

The Blissful Dog Keep putting it on there and give her some treats to distract her. She may also be in the habit of licking her nose from it having been dry and it may take a bit for her to realize it isn;t dry like it was. Then she will hopefully stop licking so much. Just like us, old habits are hard to break!

THANK YOU, so very fortunate to have found you on the web. I started using the nose butter on Saturday evening. Have been putting it on 3x’s a day. I just cannot believe how different her nose looks and feels. The crack is healing and the feel of her nose is starting to feel like one. I have contacted the vet bringing her over to have them take a look at what an amazing product this is! Keep you posted on the outcome after a week.

We are looking forward to hearing more good news!

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