American Bulldog Nose Butter is Amazing!

by Kathy Dannel Vitcak 2 min read

We are so blessed here at The Blissful Dog! Our products are not only fun for us to make and sellout they help dogs feel better and look better and that means HAPPY DOG PARENTS! This testimonial is absolutely amazing and I am touched and honored to have played a part in the new lease on life for these dogs. Thanks, Robin, for sharing! –Kathy

“Holy cow, this stuff is AMAZING!  I ordered some for one our big boys.  He has, had, a VERY crusty nose.  Always looked so dry and painful.  We got Nose Butter, plus some Paw and Elbow to have on hand.  After just five days, he has a new nose!!  It is pink, and cute, and looks so great!

“I am so thrilled, I sent our little tube of Nose Butter and one of the Paw Butter to a friend to try. We both do lots of foster work for a number of shelters and rescues, so we are always trading good stuff!  This Nose Butter is BEYOND good stuff.  I could not be happier.  The baby this was for is a 110 lb American Bully that had a rough start in life.  He has so many scars and will always need extra care his whole life, but now thanks to your amazing product, he has one happy, healthy little nose.  THANK YOU!”

Second email: “Here are a couple of “before” pictures so you can see his crusties!  It was actually super dark, which does not show up too great, but now he is PINK.  :)  LOVE it!!

“I am going to place another order for a couple of the gift pack sets.  Right now we have 9 pups here, and along with Digby (mister former crusty nose) we have Reggie and Mercy.  Reggie was left in a small concrete area most of his time, so his elbows were worn really badly, and he had a huge callous on his tooshie from sitting all the time.  Mercy has a much uglier story, and was actually shot multiple times, jaw broken and wired shut, covered in scars and a little body full of bullet fragments, among other things.  I can’t wait to use the Boo Boo Butter on some of her scars.  I am going to plop some Nose Butter on her, as she tends to be a little dry.  I am so excited about your products!  I will have them both share  some raves about you on their facebook pages.  :)  Thank you so much!!”

Yeah, tissue time.

American Bulldog Dry Nose

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