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Choosing the Perfect Dog Crate

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From a Craig’s List Find to Top of the Line Artisan Crafted Crates Choosing the Perfect Dog Crate

I must have been imprisoned in some past life, as using a crate for my dogs has always been something I have always resisted. The logical part of my brain knows dogs view crates as a den and refuge, but that little voice inside me screeches “PRISON!” Steve and I are in the process of building a shiny new house and I know the unruly Jackpot! crew will have to be contained. So in your crates you will soon go! Now to decide what type of dog crate will work for us!

Back in the day you could get a metal dog crate or a plastic one. Now there are soft-sided crates and even luxury crates that look like pieces of fine furniture (and priced as such). All have pluses and minuses. To best select your dog’s crate, let’s look at the features, advantages and benefits of these four types of dog crates.

Metal Dog CrateMetal Dog Crate

+ Good for visibility – your dog can see what is going on and you can more easily see what he is doing
+ Suitcase style (collapsible) is easier to move, especially if showing or traveling your dog is in your plans
+ Moderately priced
+ Covers and beds available in all sizes
+ Wide range of sizes available
– Can be drafty
– Escape artists can, well, escape
– Not very pretty, but you can add a cover
– May not contain all potty accidents (don’t Google this-ewww)


Plastic Dog CratePlastic Dog Crate

+ Warmer in the winter
+ More private for your dog
+ Easier to clean
+ If you HAD to ship your dog on an airline, these are approved
+ Moderately priced
+ Wide range of sizes available
– Not very pretty
– Not much air circulation
– Some dogs will chew and destroy


Soft Dog CrateSoft Sided Dog Crate

+ Super easy to transport
+ Lightweight
+ Many color/fabric possibilities
+ Wide range of sizes available
+/– Great for small to medium dogs, not so much for large or giant sized dogs
– May be hard to clean if heavily soiled
– Escape artists may escape
– Destructive dogs may shred


Designer Dog CrateDesigner Dog Crate

+ They look fabulous
+ Can be visible in any room
+ Can even replace an end table
+ Conversation piece
– Chewers or “beaver wanna be’s” may destroy
– May not work for accident prone dogs
– Can be expensive
– Can be VERY VERY expensive

A quick Google search will bring up hundreds (if not thousands) of dog crates. From basic, bargain basement crates up to luxury palaces of jaw-dropping elegance. I had to make myself stop looking at all the amazing works of dog crate art out there. Etsy and Pinterest were black holes of time-sucking doom for me on this one. I got so carried away I created an ETSY Treasury of hand-crafted dog beds. And enjoy this Pinterest board I created JUST for Mind-Boggling dog crates.

First decide your budget, as you will be able to find a great crate somewhere in your budget, hey, Craig’s List and eBay are great sources (do I need to remind you to disinfect before your beloved dog hops in?).

Next, using the Pluses and Minuses from the comparison above you can narrow the search down to the best crate for your dog.


F969C0EBIn another episode we will chat about actually getting your dog not only accepting of their new crate, but how to make it a safe refuge for them.

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