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The Blissful Dog of the Day French Bulldog

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The Blissful Dog of the Day French Bulldog

How The Blissful Dog of the Day Began

Years ago I began the creation of a Dog Oracle Card Deck. You know, like those power animal card decks where you find out that your power animal is an Ant and you REALLY thought you were a Lion or at least an Eagle. The concept seemed fabulous to me, I worked and worked and spent countless hours researching dog breeds and finding images to reflect each breed’s personality. It was a lot of work and a lot of fun.

Well, I shopped it around to quite a few publishers and they all seemed a bit confused by it. I am not sure what wasn’t clear about it…but after being rejected (ouch) by a couple of people that knew that business I decided to rethink it. In Kathy Speak that means I went on to the next bright, shiny object.

Fast forward to now. I dusted off those fabulous files and decided to rework them for today’s fast paced social media world and share that awesome project with everyone. I am not sure what I will eventually do with all of them, maybe an App, but in the meantime…enjoy!

I am posting them on my Facebook page, Twitter and here. Please forward any of them as you see fit!

They are in absolutely no order at all. Just by what tickles my fancy on any given day. Though, I admit I did start with the French Bulldog! Check back for more breeds. Let me know if you have a breed you would like to see profiled!

Dog of the Day French Bulldog

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