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Bentonite Clay Pets and People Benefit Inside and Out

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Bentonite Clay Pets and People Benefit Inside and Out

Have you ever heard of Bentonite Clay? More specifically, of eating it for health purposes? Growing up in Mississippi, I remember hearing about women craving clay when they were pregnant, specifically red clay and I knew from my own research that animals in the wild will search out clay to eat to rid themselves of pests. But I had never thought of it as something to add to my health care arsenal until I met Janet Lancaster via an online business building group. See, I do know people outside of the dog show world!

Janet is a big proponent of not only healthy living for people and pets, but also for small businesses. She shares her journey on diving into online marketing and creating a thriving business in the competitive health care world. I always love reading about other entrepreneurs! Today, she wrote about the upcoming Small Business Saturday and I am tickled that she included The Blissful Dog in her story. Go see! 

Janet shares how her Earth’s Living clay can be used for a variety of purposes – for humans and animals alike! Here is a bit of a blurb…

Geophagy and the History of Eating Clay

Though the practice of consuming what is considered by some to be an inedible substance sounds isolated and esoteric, the cultural dietary history of calcium bentonite clay for health and nutritional purposes is well-documented. In fact, today many of the world’s impoverished nations still attain a significant portion of their bodily mineral requirements directly from the Earth.

In some cultures, quality clays have been more highly valued than the more conventional treasures of precious metals and jewels. Several different Native American tribes depended on the negative ionic properties of local clays to leech toxins from potentially hazardous food and drinking sources, such as bitter acorns or diseased waters. Had accidental ingestion of toxic compounds occurred, digestion of clay was usually enough to bind with and pass the offending agents out of the body.  Instinctually, animals all the way from bugs to bird to primates will eat natural deposits of clay as a response to accidental toxic ingestion or mineral scarcity.

I admit the science of it all is floating a bit above my head, I need it taken down to a “Breaking Bad – Jessie- It’s Science, Bitch” level. But I still love reading about the negative ions and all…here is a bit more from the Earth’s Living Clay website.

How Calcium Bentonite Clay Works Calcium bentonite clay is highly charged with negative ions. Through ionic exchange, it improves the absorption of glucose, vitamins, nutraceuticals and micronutrients. It also increases their ability to go THROUGH the cell membrane, making these essential elements more available to mitochondria (energy factories of cells) for increased energy and oxygenation. From volcanic ash rich in trace minerals, Earth’s Living® clay is a powerful agent of stimulation, transformation, detoxification and transmission of energy that speeds cellular revitalization. Earth’s Living® clay  is recommended by veterinarians, naturopaths, chiropractors, and other in-the-know health professionals around the globe.

How To Use Clay With Pets Earth’s Living® calcium bentonite clay for pets (Animin) is the consistency of flour; it can be added to food or drinking water dry. It does not need to be hydrated first. Due to its strong pulling action, avoid prolonged contact with metal. It should not be stored in metal once hydrated or given in a metal water dish. See how much clay to give your pet based on weight here.  Always make sure your animals have plenty of clean drinking water available. Your pets will thank you for keeping them healthy and well!

I hope you enjoyed this bit of SCIENCE about the benefits of Bentonite Clay Pets & People and if interested will pop over and check it out on Janet’s website. 

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