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ShipStation Feature – The Blissful Dog in the News

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ShipStation Feature – The Blissful Dog

ShipStation LogoShipStation is the service I use to consolidate, organize and streamline all of my various shipping activities here at The Blissful Dog. I had heard of them and drug my feet (not sure why) and finally in a fit of frustration decided to give them a try (this was months ago, by the way). I could not believe how much time I saved by using them! Literally HOURS every single day. I felt like I had hit the More Time Jackpot! A few weeks ago ShipStation sent me a survey and of course I happily filled it out. I am one of THOSE people who loves surveys and polls. I think my opinion is SO valuable that everyone must want it – hahaha! Anyway, I got an email from Erika Jarvi with ShipStation asking if I would be interested in being featured on ShipStation. WOULD I?

I had a blast answering the questions and reading all of the previous spotlights of other businesses. So, I am delighted to share with each of you the result of my ShipStation Feature Story. A BIG thank you to Erika and the team at ShipStation for not only having an amazing time-saving wonderful support product but for being so friendly and down to earth. Here is the link to the actual story.

If any of you ever need a postage/business shipping type system, please put ShipStation on your short list

Check Out The Blissful Dog on ShipStation – The Story Check Out The Blissful Dog on ShipStation – The Blog Post

Here’s a bit more about how ShipStation helps businesses.

Automate Everything

Your business is unique. Your shipping rules should be, too. “One size fits all” never really did anyone any favors. ShipStation allows you to customize your shipping rules and materials exactly the way you want them. Save time and eliminate shipping mistakes

Yeah, I was all over that save time and eliminate mistakes…ShipStation has helped me do BOTH. It pulls in all my sales and info from my website and my ETSY shop. If I sold on Amazon or eBay, it would pull that in also. ShipStation also works on all of the store-in-a-box systems like BigCommerce, Shopify or Volusion. Plus, they are based right in Austin, Texas, one of the coolest towns, well anywhere! I love Minnesota, but I do miss Texas.

A big thank you, once again, to ShipStation, for this honor.

ShipStation Feature


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