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American Bulldog Nose Butter Review – MAGNUM

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American Bulldog Nose Butter Review – MAGNUM

American Bulldog HistoryAmerican Bulldogs epitomize the rough and tumble world of rural America. Descendants of the powerful Mastiff-type dogs of ancient times, these dogs traveled with immigrants to the USA to start a newline in a new land. They were especially favored in the southern part of the US where they were used to hunt the feral pigs that wandered the mountains. If you have ever seen any type of wild pig on Nat Geo or Discovery Channel you know they are tough with razor sharp tusks they do not hesitate to use. Plus, they are as smart as their tusks are sharp!

Thankfully, this type of working heritage has been turned to that of loving companion and protective family member. The American Bulldog, with proper socialization of course, can be the dedicated and protective dog so many crave. Along with that legacy of family bonding and strength the American Bulldog has also inherited the predisposition toward having a dry or crusty nose. Some even suffer from true nasodigital hyperkeratosis, an idiopathic (unknown causes) condition. Luckily NOSE BUTTER® can get rid of those unsightly crusts and have your American Bulldog looking and feeling great FAST. By the way, most breeds have a nickname – French Bulldogs are Frenchies, Scottish Terries are Scotties etc. What do American Bulldog people call their breed for short?

We have met many wonderful American Bulldog owners and supporters through our American Bulldog NOSE BUTTER®. Here is a powerful testimonial from MAGNUM and his people…

“Thank you for a great product! Attached are pics of Magnum our 6-year old American Bulldog, before and after using NOSE BUTTER® for a week 2x daily and a week of maintenance every couple of days. What a difference!” Terri and Magnum.

Thank you, Magnum and Terri for taking the time to take Before & After photos and sharing your review for American Bulldog NOSE BUTTER.



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