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The Blissful Dog Holiday Gifts – Just In Time!

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The Blissful Dog Holiday Gifts – Just in Time

Either one of The Blissful Dog Holiday Packs is the PERFECT last minute gift for that dog lover on your list!

Dog Holiday GiftThe Little Sniff has a slick .50 ounce slider top tin of NOSE BUTTER® with your dog breed choice label plus two .15 ounce tubes of NOSE BUTTER with the same breed on that label. Tied up super cute in an organza gift wrap package. This is a $13.50 value and is only $9.50 – whoohoo what a savings!

The Big Sniff has a combo of NOSE BUTTER (1 oz tin), BOO BOO BUTTER (1 oz tin), PAW BUTTER (.50 tube) AND two NOSE BUTTER tubes (.15 ounce) all tucked into a big (8″ tall) heavy vinyl, organza and satin gift bag. Regularly $22.50, this holiday gift pack is $18.50.

Our NOSE BUTTER® is offered with your choice of over 60 dog breeds on the label. Yep, 60! Now, it is the same great product inside, just different labels for you to choose from. NOSE BUTTER® is also offered in tin containers or in tubes. Once again, it is the same product inside, just different methods of applying it to your dog’s nose. Choose whichever one feels right for you and your dog. As a tip, older dogs or dogs that be a bit more sensitive may prefer the tin method. That way you are applying it gently with your finger.

Pug Gift PackI mail FAST (usually same day or next), so it just may get to you in time for the holidays. If it arrives on the 26th, what the heck, your dog won’t care! They will be thrilled to have a soft, smooth nose and paws any time of the year! Dog holiday gifts are welcome any day of the year.

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