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Review American Bulldog Nose Butter

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Review American Bulldog Nose Butter

Here is another amazing testimonial for NOSE BUTTER®.  “Meat” is an American Bulldog and has a great review to share.

Dear Kathy,

American Bulldog Nose Butter ReviewMy name is Elizabeth and I am writing you to let you know about my experience since purchasing your Nose Butter for my dog.  I have a 100 LB. American Bulldog mix named Meat.  If you met him you would understand that it is the most fitting name for him, he’s just a big loving meathead.  Meat has a crusty nose problem.  He has suffered with it for about the last 4 years.  I have tried everything to get rid of his crusty nose.  At first it was mostly just ugly, in my opinion, and then it started to crack and bleed sometimes which just looked painful.  I spent hundreds of dollars trying different things and even had a biopsy done.  He was given topical and oral antibiotics which only helped temporarily and I was so upset every time his nose got crusty again!

A while back I researched products and came across yours but was hesitant to buy it because the doctor said antibiotics would do the trick.  I could have purchased the nose butter so long ago and am kicking myself for not!  I received your nose butter about a week ago and have been using it everyday! Meat’s nose looks so much better!  I can’t believe how fast it worked.  Some parts flaked off like your website said but the butter has helped other areas just heal!

Meat is also a big fan of the Nose Butter.  Every time I reach for it he starts drooling!  It must taste very good to him!  I am so pleased with your product that I wanted to share with you what a difference it has made.  Meat now has the shiny black nose he’s always wanted!  I have included a before and after picture to show you the difference!

Thank you so much!  You have a customer for life!

Elizabeth and Meat

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