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RELAX! Roll-On Aromatherapy for Dogs

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Is Your Dog Anxious? Stressed or Skittish?

Help is available for your frightened, nervous, stressed dog. By using The Blissful Dog RELAX! Aromatherapy Roll-On as directed, your dog can learn to associate the scent of RELAX! with a calm, peaceful state of mind.  Yes, it WILL take a little bit of work on your part, but isn’t your dog’s peace of mind worth a few minutes?

Pug Anxiety HelpRELAX! is a soothing blend of therapeutic quality aromatherapy oils and my own vibrational essences mix in organic golden jojoba oil and organic grape seed oil. RELAX! was created to help tense, anxious dogs well, relax! Thunderstorms, 4th of July fireworks, travel, lots of new people and more can be more stressful for our dogs than we imagine.

When RELAX! arrives take a few calm, unhurried minutes to just sit with your dog. Be in a mood of quiet, contentment and just BE with your dog. I know this is really hard for some of us (like me), but give it a try!  Apply a bit to their belly area or inside their ears. Or roll it into your hands and then pet your dog gently. You have created the mood of safety, relaxation and love during this first time they smelled RELAX! and it will create an association for them. Scientific studies have proven that our sense of smell quickly takes us to our memories and with dogs it is even faster. You want your dog to make a connection between this smell and a feeling of safety and contentment. This step is the key to the success of RELAX! Don’t be tempted to skip it!

Bulldog relaxationWhen a stressful event happens find the RELAX!, take a deep breath, (relax yourself firs and THEN roll it on them, as before. Speak in a calm, reassuring voice and steadily tell them all is good, they are safe with you. Resist the temptation to roll out a pity party. You are in control and you are calming your dog down with your grounded energy.

This may seem a bit “woo woo”, but think of that amazing school teacher I hope you had, that walked into a room full of hormonal kids and brought everyone to order with their calm, confident demeanor. Yeah, think Cesar Milan as he talks about being the Pack Leader. That calm confidence is what makes this work. Then the RELAX! becomes a shortcut for the minutes it would take to just bring your dog to a state of calm. You can lessen the time they spend in overwhelmed stress and take them right to calm much faster.

For 2014, I have some new labels to offer. RELAX! is the same inside, the labels are just for fun and to make you smile. Enjoy!

RELAX! Dog Aromatherapy Labels

  • Blissful Bulldog
  • Yoga Dog French Bulldog
  • Peaceful Pug
  • Benevolent Boxer
  • Chill Cavalier
  • Calm Corgi
  • Zen Dogue de Bordeaux
  • Mellow Yorkie

boxer thunderstorms

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