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For Tails Only Home Party Pet Business

December 30, 2013

For Tails Only – Pet Lovers Business Opportunity

For Tails Only Boo Boo ButterHave you ever been to a home party where you bought cooking equipment, vitamins or clothing? You had snacks, giggled and then got to see the products, hold them and try them out? Well, there is a new game in town for Pet Lovers! For Tails Only! 

For Tails Only is a home party company that has burst upon the scene.  The Blissful Dog has partnered with For Tails Only as one of their premiere vendors. Customized unique product kits are available through one of the many For Tails Only Handlers. I am so, so excited to be one of the founding vendors for this new company.

For Tails Only Mission StatementIf you have ever dreamed of having your own business that you could enjoy from home, one that did not involve insane start-up costs and months/years of “getting started” then For Tails Only just might be for you! My friend, Mary Oquendo, is one of the founding Handlers and would love to share more info with you. Connect with her if you think this may be something you would enjoy! Here is a link to her Facebook page for For Tails Only.  Mary is a mobile groomer in CT. She writes and speaks for the grooming industry, and was the recipient of the David Salzberg Award for Outstanding Contribution To The Pet Industry. She is a Reiki Master, Advanced Crystal Master, and co-owner of Hands and Paws-Reiki For All in New Milford, CT. Mary will take great care of you.

The amazing Brande Brown is the brains and fire behind the business. She is gathering an amazing group of entrepreneurs to work with her and be a part of the beginning of this start-up.

For Tails Only-an exclusive pet boutique carrying treats from the finest ingredients from the USA, grooming and bath products, unique pet toys and gifts.

From the For Tails Only Facebook page

For Tails Only Start UpFor Tails Only™ is a woman-owned company for the pet lover. After seeing so many news reports about treats and food, poisoning our beloved best friends, the idea was born. For Tails Only™ is an exclusive pet boutique carrying treats made of the finest ingredients from the USA, grooming and bath products, unique pet toys, gifts and more. Our product line puts your pet’s health and safety first. We have searched far and wide to offer items you won’t find in your average pet store or super center. The goal of For Tails Only™ is to make your life easier by offering regular auto shipping of freshly baked treats right to your door on a bi-weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly basis. Our products will definitely get some tails wagging!!

“This company is built on a direct sales / party plan concept. The only company of its kind! The goal of our company is for the consultants to share the passion and love for pets. Many have the dream of owning their own store or business, and For Tails Only™, wants everyone to have the opportunity to achieve that dream. Not only are we changing consultants lives, we are also representing many small business owners in their efforts to grow their business and sell to a larger market share of pet owners.

“For Tails Only™ is dedicated to continuous research and development of innovative and exclusive pet products allowing us to provide new and exciting items to meet the wishes of our pet savvy customers and consultants. As a consultant, you will be receiving 20% commission on your sales to start. We have a commission structure built to reward you for having sales, as well as for recruiting. We can’t grow if you don’t recruit but we also want to reward you for your hard work for the company either way.

“You will also have the ability to sign on veterinarians, rescue groups, groomers, etc. We have a different structure for non-profit organizations wanting to use our products as fund raisers. What are we going to give you to aid at your success? You will receive a website set up just for you. Along with that, we will give you the opportunity to earn additional business supplies. FTO doesn’t want you to have to invest hundreds of dollars in business supplies so we will help you purchase them based on your sales. The monthly service fee will be $15, billed on the date you choose. For the founding members, you will pay $10 a month. This is valid for the first 200 consultants.

“Your starter kit will be filled with a sampling of our treats and products. We will be offering the kit for $99 through the end of the year. It will then be $129. You will get enough treats to sample out to your friends or host a few parties. You will be able to get fresh treats delivered every month so you always have fresh samples. Other items in your kit will include a custom pet tag, sampling of the bath and body products for your furry friends, your business supplies, and more. The pricing on the products will average just a few dollars to the higher range on the custom pet beds and cat trees we will be offering. The goal is to keep pricing reasonable so the products are affordable to everyone.”

Stay tuned for more info on For Tails Only! Visit them on Facebook or at

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