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Shine On! Nose Oil for Shiny Dog Nose

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Dog Show Shine On! Nose Oil for Shine & Polish

Shine On! Nose Oil for Shine, Polish and Sheen! Shiny dog nose here you come. For those of you who show dogs, do you want an organic (and AKC legal) product that enhances your dog’s nose natural shine without adding chemicals and fake color? Then try our (drumroll, please)…Shine On! Nose Oil™. Shine On! Nose Oil is made from all organic shea oil, castor oil, golden jojoba oil and grape seed oil. This exclusive combination of oils gives the maximum shine to your dog’s nose. Of course, Shine On! Nose Oil is NOT just for show dogs…it is perfect for any dog who enjoys having a super shiny dog nose. The Champion of the Sofa deserves a shiny dog nose also.

Shine on dog nose oilBrand new to our line-up is Shine On! Nose Oil in the uber-easy roll-on bottle applicator. There is almost a ½ ounce of Shine On! in the bottle. I went with a plastic bottle for safety reasons, we all know how hectic ringside at the dog show can be! Just roll across your dog’s nose and you are ready. How easy is that?

The original wand style container allows for precision application on all size of dog noses super easy. Made especially for easy application on the go, this product applies like you would lip gloss…just dab a bit onto the nose. Pointing the applicator away from their eyes, rub Shine On! Nose Oil™ across the top of your dog’s nose. A little dab will absolutely do it. Tip: I stand behind my dogs and have their head facing away, makes for quick and easy dog show shine application!

Great gift idea for dog show enthusiasts or any dog lover who enjoys taking their dog’s looks to the next level. Just $4.50 + postage.

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