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The Blissful Dog of the Day Siberian Husky

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The Blissful Dog of the Day Siberian Husky

In honor of all the brouhaha over the snowmageddon that just swept across the USA, today’s The Blissful Dog of the Day is the Siberian Husky.

Husky Dog

The Chukchi people of Eastern Siberia developed this breed eons ago…the timeline varies greatly, but scientific evidence as sues the Husky a spot as one of the oldest breeds of dog. The Chukchi tribe lived farther inland, but survived by fishing the rich ocean waters, so they traveled great distances for their periodic hunting and fishing expeditions. The hard working Husky pulled the heavy sleds laden with the walrus meat and fish that furnished nourishment for the Chukchi people. It was a feast or famine lifestyle and the Huskies were able to go long periods of time without eating, while still being able to work. Yes, the Chukchi lived the same way – they also worked on empty bellies!

Huskies were brought to Alaska to work moving supplies for the gold mines. They were also raced and quickly became indispensable members of the Eskimo tribes and the communities.

Siberian Husky BaltoIn February of 1925 a diphtheria epidemic threatened the very existence of Nome, Alaska. Vaccines were needed or the entire town could be wiped out and Huskies came to the rescue!  Teams of Huskies and their 20 mushers brought the vaccine from Anchorage to Nome in six days. This trip was 625 miles and temperatures were often forty below and that is without wind chill factors! Balto, the lead dog, was heralded through out the USA as a hero. A statue of him was erected in Central Park, New York, and despite what the movie says, Balto was a Husky, not a wolf cross.

Many Siberian Huskies were a part of the Byrd Antarctic Expedition which began in 1928.

As the breed was beginning to come to prominence, in 1933 Navy Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd brought about 50 Siberian Huskies with him on an expedition in which he hoped to journey around the 16,000-mile coast of Antarctica. Many of the dogs were trained at Chinook Kennels in New Hampshire. Called Operation Highjump, the historic trek proved the worth of the Siberian Husky due to its compact size and greater speeds. Siberian Huskies also served in the United States Army’s Arctic Search and Rescue Unit of the Air Transport Command during World War II.  Their popularity was sustained into the 21st century. They were ranked 16th among American Kennel Club registrants in 2012. –wikipedia

Husky AntarcticaAs I sit bundled up warmly inside, with my spoiled little English Toy Spaniel and French Bulldogs at my side, I honor these winter warriors and thank them for all they have done for us. The next time you see a Husky thank them!

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