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PAW BUTTER Review by Marcie the Rescue Malti-Poo

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PAW BUTTER Review by Marcie the Malti-Poo

dry dog paw“I just placed a second order of PAW BUTTER last evening… WOW!!! Such awesome stuff!!! I am the proud momma of a yorkie, Elijah, that was a rescue two years ago and on December 17th rescued a puppy mill dog- maltese/poodle mix that I named Marcie. She had horrible paws…open and sore from the wire cage. I used the PAW BUTTER daily and saw so much improvement!!!

“We have had wicked winter weather and the city and neighbors salt streets and sidewalks heavily.  This PAW BUTTER is FABULOUS!!! It protects these little paws wonderfully!!! The added bonus for me is when I used other products for Elijah he would lick his paws and lick the product off– not your PAW BUTTER!! He leaves it on and doesn’t bother with his paw pads!

“So, a BIG thank you to you for creating an EXCELLENT product that helps my fur kids so very much!!!!!

Kind Regards & Many Thanks,


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