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Great Dane NOSE BUTTER – Amazing Product

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“I can not rave enough about how awesome NOSE BUTTER is. I was so worried about my Great Dane’s, Audrey Hepburn, nose – I wanted to go to the vet. Then my friend told me about The Blissful Dog and NOSE BUTTER and I am so happy I listened.

Harlequin Great Dane“Since I have gotten it we apply it daily, like the directions said.  Audrey just loves it! Her nose is nice and soft again, with no rough patches or cracks. Not only is the product amazing, so is the customer service! I am excited to share my experience with other dog owners and spread the word about your amazing product!

“I will be buying some more Great Dane NOSE BUTTER to put in a care package to send to my brother and sister in law who live in Germany, they are stationed over seas! They have two beautiful dogs that will enjoy NOSE BUTTER too!”

Thank you again!

Crystina A. & Audrey Hepburn the Great Dane

Thank you, Crystina and Audrey, for taking the time to share this powerful testimonial for Great Dane Nose Butter. Knowing that our product make Audrey feel better and you happy is so gratifying. Thank YOU!


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