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The Blissful Dog of the Day – Samoyed Dog

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The Samoyed dog is a glorious white dog – the curled up tail, the big “Sammie” smile and their effortless gait catches your attention. Their confidence and friendly demeanor will then grab your heart and you are smitten by the Samoyed before you know it. If you are excited about exercising an active dog, especially if you live in a cooler climate AND have the desire to keep that magnificent coat…well, magnificent, the Samoyed may be for you.

The Blissful Dog of the Day SamoyedThe Samoyed dog is one of the ancient Northern breeds. They descended from northwestern Siberia (hence all that coat) where they were raised by nomadic Samoyed tribes. They helped herd the reindeer that were the lifeblood of the tribes and guarded them against the various apex level predators of that area. As if the frigid temperatures were not enough to deal with, nature how to throw in wolves and bears and more, oh my! In their spare time the early Samoyed dogs pulled the sleds alongside their people as they moved across Siberia in search of food for themselves and the reindeer. Here is more fascinating historical info, for those who want to dig deeper.

In the late 1800s a Samoyed dog was given to England’s Queen Alexandria, who was entranced by their many fine qualities. Descendants of the queen’s dogs can still be found in modern pedigrees. In the early 1900s, Samoyeds were used as the dog of choice for the sled teams on expeditions to Antarctica. They were easier to train and live with than some of the other breeds used and were quite popular among those who sledded recreationally, as well as professionally.

Here is a great video that will fill you in on living with a Samoyed.

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