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Elbow calluses on dogI’ve been using the ELBOW BUTTER on my Saint Bernard Summer for a few months now. I just took this picture today. Before her elbows had no fur and were an ‘angry’ red color all the time. Now, about 99% of her hair has grown back (some of it is brown…but who cares right?!?!). I was just expecting the redness and roughness to get better…but am so glad the hair has returned as well.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!

–Michelle J.

Elbow calluses can take time and attention (and intention) to get better. Michelle dedicated a bit of time every day and Summer reaped the benefits. Not every dog will grow the hair back and have the calluses disappear like Summer’s did, but you won’t know unless you give ELBOW BUTTER a try! ELBOW BUTTER Works!  Kathy

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