The Blissful Dog Pinterest Presence

The Blissful Dog Pinterest Presence

Pinterest LogoYes, I am a Pinterest fiend! Pinterest is everything an easily distracted person – SQUIRREL – like me could ever lust for. Bright images, way cool ideas, lots of creative stuff other people have done that I know I could do with just a bit of time, E6000 and glitter! I am giddy just contemplating all that awaits me.

We are building a new house and The Blissful Dog will have fabulous new digs! (Hang in there…this DOES relate to the story). So, I have a bazillion boards and creativity sparking ideas saved and pinned. My personal Pinterest boards had become a mishmash of personal and work related boards – messy. So, I took the plunge and started The Blissful Dog boards from scratch under a brand new, shiny business account.

Now I am able to organize The Blissful Dog Pinterest Boards and build them in a hopefully coherent manner. One can hope, I suppose! I invite you to “Follow” us on Pinterest and enjoy perusing our boards and goodies. The Blissful Dog on Pinterest won’t just be me blatantly plugging The Blissful Dog products – though my products will be showcased there – duh. The Blissful Dog of the Day cards/images have their own board and more will be added as they are created. Plus, other products that relate to the various breeds and categories, lots of historical tidbits and info plus whatever the heck else I stumble across as I ping from one interesting dog related site to another!

If you have followed us on Pinterest before under my personal page, please take a moment and “Follow” The Blissful Dog on the new Pinterest home


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