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How to Balance Your Dogs Chakra System

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Balance Your Dogs Chakra System

Dog Chakra CrownYes, you can align and balance your own dogs chakra system right there at home. Sure, you can enlist the help of a certified Reiki Practitioner or dog massage professional (I have some recommendations below), but you can give your dog a healing session yourself and you don’t need any training. Now, of course, I do encourage you to learn all you can about energy work for dogs, the purpose of this info is to help you do as much as your comfort level allows on your own. I can assure you that you cannot mess this up or harm your dog in any way. You are capable of creating an energetic bond with your dog and aligning their chakra/energy system on your own. Let’s get started!

How to Align Your Dog’s Energy System

It can all sound a bit much, aligning and balancing and chakras and such. It is not that mysterious at all, I promise. Remember when you fell and skinned your knee and ran to your mom or grandmother. What was the first thing they did? They gathered you up in their arms and kissed it and made it well. What do all living creatures desire when they don’t feel well? To have the area rubbed, or touched or licked (dogs. cats, etc). The touch of a loved one holds a magic that is part of our DNA.You have that magic in your hands and your dog is ready for you to share it.

First find a time when you are calm and relaxed. If you are like me, you may just pick a free bit of time and work into the calm and relaxed state. Hint: Don’t let feeling a bit frazzled stop you from this exercise, you may find your own stress dissolving as you work on your dog’s chakra system.

Take your dog to a quiet room, a safe area in your home or a spot outside in nature. The most important aspect of the “where” is that you are both comfortable and feel safe and secure in the chosen location. Gentle music may increase your feeling of relaxation, but if possible, just be silent with your dog.

During this time, clear your mind of daily stress, monkeys twerking, and squirrels wearing Lady Gaga shoes and be as tuned into your dog as possible. Just breathe and allow the day to fall away from your now.

balance dogs chakrasNext, imagine a door to your heart opening. It can be any kind of a door from an ancient heavy wooden door with iron latches and buckles to a hobbit door to the most modern of glass. Your door is special to you. Here is an image of a door to kickstart your imagination. Next imagine a door to your dog’s heart opening and a pure beam of white or golden light (or any color that feels right to you) moving in a circle from your heart to your dog’s heart and back and forth. This establishes a connection between you and your dog for this session.

Then just move your hands over your dog’s body, not touching, but just above and allow all the love you feel for your dog to pour through your heart into them. You may feel a bit silly or think you aren’t “doing it right” but I promise you CANNOT do this wrong. Of course, if you prefer to gently pet your dog, do so.

dog aromatherapy anxietyIf you wish to, consider using our Relax! Roll-On aromatherapy for dogs. To begin, you can roll a little bit on your hands and then pet your dog gently. Allow the essential oils that were selected specifically to relax and reassure your dog that all is well to  infuse their system with a feeling of well-being. As your dog relaxes you may want to roll the Relax! directly on their belly or inside their ears. Some dogs enjoy this, while others seem to prefer you just pet them with the Relax! on your hands.

Hint! There are no rules to this process, just gentle guidelines. One of my intentions in sharing this process is to reassure you that it is easy to do and you absolutely cannot possibly mess it up.

Dog reikiAllow the loving energy flow to continue until you feel it is through or until your dog lets you know they have had enough for this session. They may become restless, get up and leave or even whine. There is no right length of time for a session. Some dogs will be through in moments and others would lay there soaking up the vibes for hours if they could. It is also perfectly fine for you to end the session when you feel your energy lag.

Imagine gently closing the doors from your heart to your dog’s heart and from theirs to yours. Say thank you to your dog fore allowing this special time, either aloud or in your heart.

You may wish to sit with them a bit longer and enjoy the afterglow of this bonding time. When that feels complete also you can both go about your day. You did it! You balanced your dog’s energy system. Congratulations, you are my hero for today!

Here is an overview of your dog’s chakra system.

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