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Boxer Nose Butter Worked Miracles

1 min read

Review for Boxer NOSE BUTTER: We Had Given Up Hope

“Wow. I cannot say enough about your product. This photo is after one week of application and we could not be more satisfied. We had given up all hope for our babies nose and your product totally exceeded our expectations. We tried everything- wound relief, fish oil, GNC nose care for dogs…. You name it. Every time my dog would lick it off and nothing worked. This product works even if he licks some off! I’m so impressed. I had to send a message. Thank you so much. He is a new dog! Thank you thank you thank you!

“We are so thrilled I can’t even tell you! He would run away from us if we tried to get near his nose with the other stuff we tried (vasaline, fish oil, GNC nose care), but when we apply your product to his nose he runs up to us and welcomes it! It’s just amazing, we can’t thank u enough!”


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