Cedar Boxers – Our Newest Show Vendor

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Cedar Boxers Winning Leads & Now NOSE BUTTER!

Cedar Boxers Nose ButterCedar Boxers, located in Caledonia, Ohio, is one of our newest dog show vendor partners. Crystal Stock shows her Boxers in AKC Conformation, AKC agility, and NADAC agility. She can be seen at shows throughout the upper midwest and more.

Piper is examining their first order of NOSE BUTTER and wondering why her picture was not featured on the label! Next batch, Piper, next batch!

She also handcrafts custom kangaroo show leads and is a vendor for Pro Fleece Dog Beds. Pro Fleece is know for its durability and absorbency (is that a word?). Their kangaroo leads are made with authentic kangaroo leather from Australia. Their leads feature a 150# core inside, to make sure your best friend does not get away from you in the ring!

Cedar Boxers kangaroo leads can be made from any of these colors: White, Black, Chocolate, Red, Turquoise, Pink, Baby Pink, Apple Green, Natural, Grape, Royal Purple, Blueberry, Grey, Whiskey, Brandy, Sky Blue, Turquoise, Burgundy, Saddle Tan.
Plus Metallics: Gold, Bronze, Silver, Pewter

Here are just a few of the reasons their kangaroo leads are truly “Winning Leads”

  • Cedar Boxers braids UNDER the beads. This ensures you have the least stretch possible under your beads keeping them tight for years to come.
  •  We knot around the beads. When beads are glued onto the lead the beads will begin to slip and slide as the glue weakens (which it will). Their leads are securely knotted at the beginning and end of each bead cluster to ensure your beautiful beads stay where they are supposed to! No distracting jangling beads as you dash around the ring!
  • The snaps used were searched out and tested prior to incorporating into the leads.Many trigger type snaps may become tangled in the collar or hair of the dog and can open at the worst possible time! Not these snaps!
  • The beads used are of the best quality and design. You won’t see these beads at the corner craft store!
  • TIGHT! TIGHTER! TIGHTEST! That is Cedar Boxers motto when it comes to braiding leads. No stretched out, limp leads allowed.
  • Knots and joints are welded for extra strength and longevity.
  • Each lead is conditioned and conditioned again prior to being sent to you.

Visit Cedar Boxers to see kangaroo leads, Pro Fleece and of course, their gorgeous Boxers!

Cedar Boxers Fawn Nose Butter label




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