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BOO BOO BUTTER Review from the Family French

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BOO BOO BUTTER Review from The Family French in the UK

BOO BOO BUTTER in UKIt’s always a lot of fun when we receive products to review; a sparkly collar or lead, a poo bag dispenser perhaps? But we don’t often receive potions and lotions that really benefit The Family French themselves! Of course they love the attention that comes with wearing a bit of bling but we were recently sent a great sample by Katy of Pug Products, Boo Boo Butter by Blissful Dog.

The product smells divine, it has a lot of natural ingredients including Cocoa seed butter, good enough to eat! I like reading an ingredients list that I understand, I know exactly what I am putting on my dog. I also like the addition of “love” as an ingredient, it really is obvious that this company have put a lot of thought into every aspect of this product.

The tin is the perfect container as it is very easy to carry in your bag if away from home with your pooches. The lid is even customisable, you can choose a Pug, a Boston Terrier or a French Bulldog as the picture on top, showing everyone your love for your chosen breed! The only downside to being able to carry this in your handbag would be that you’d want to use it on your OWN lips… Not that I have…. Don’t judge me!

Boo Boo Butter by Blissful Dog claims to be good for dogs discomforts… And it did exactly what it said on the tin! While we didn’t have a rash or scratch to try it on, we have plenty of dry noses! This is what we have tested it on, a dry nose. Whilst the company do do a separate nose butter, the Boo Boo butter seems to have more healing properties in and is a good all rounder.

Boo Boo Butter review photoMeet test subject A… Callie! Callie always suffers with a dry nose, we call it a fruit pastel where as a soft nose like our Vader, is a wine gum! This butter is perfect for the fruit pastels of the world. Applying once a day for 7 days, the results were evident from day 3 or 4, the crackling had subsided and some had come off with application, unveiling a shiny wine gum nose underneath. By day 7, Callie’s nose was as smooth as a baby’s bottom which you can see in the comparison photo (taken before and on day 7).

You apply the butter by cleaning the area you are going to use the butter on and then dab it on gently. While we were using the cream for a dry nose and massaging in a circular motion to cover all areas and crevices, be careful if you are applying to an actual scratch or rash as it may be sore and dabbing it on is more gentle for a poorly area. As explained on the tin, this is not for use in replacement of veterinary care and should not be used on open wounds.

Overall, we love this product, thank you Katy of Pug Products! The only downside is that it doesn’t come in an industrial sized tub as I can’t get enough of this butter and have 8 dogs to use it on!

From Kathy – Thank you so much for sharing this delightful review! It means the world to us to have happy dogs with healthy noses the world over!

Visit The Family French for more reviews, photos and for fun! Shop with Katy at Pod Products in the UK here.

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