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Review Paw Butter for Remy the Aussie

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PAW BUTTER ReviewREVIEW PAW BUTTER for Remy the Australian Shepherd

Just got a lovely email from a very happy Australian Shepherd and his even happier person! Thank you, Jill and Remy for taking the time to share how PAW BUTTER worked for you.

Dear Kathy,

Thank you so much for Paw Butter.  My 3 year-old Aussie Shepherd had such prickliness on the pads of his paws that they caught on my clothes and scratched me and I thought, “Gee, that must be uncomfortable for him too” like dry cracked feet on people.

I tried your fabulous Paw Butter and the very next morning his pads felt like old smooth saddle leather.  We have applied it several times over the last couple of months and now he doesn’t resist our doing it.  I think he knows the good of it.

I just ordered the largest tin and the largest tube to have on hand.  I plan to refrigerate them to keep the wonderful fatty ingredients as fresh as possible.  We get very hot and humid on Long Island in NY in the months to come.

Thank you so much for this and for your instructive website.

Sincerely,   Jill and Remy

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