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Testimonial American Bulldog NOSE BUTTER

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Testimonial American Bulldog NOSE BUTTER

Review for NOSE BUTTER for our American Bulldog. She is now off the charts old at 14/15 years old and has lost her nose glands’ ability to moisten so I ordered the large tin style of NOSE BUTTER. Thank goodness!

We’ve had four incidents of her poor sniffer gland not producing moisture. I’ll be knocked over as the first 24 hours of using NOSE BUTTER made A MONSTER DIFFERENCE! We used it the 2nd time during the Canadian cold snap Michigan had and again her nose healed and the dead skin shed off quickly, in less than two days again!

American BulldogThis problem nose we’ve been working on and I thought we’d have to visit our vet since it was VERY DEEP & SUDDENLY JUST CRACKED to the pink. Poor girl :>( It’s the 2nd day, or 4th dose and it IS WORKING like I never thought anything could!

Bless you all for making this and I’m going to try and buy some smaller sample sizes to take to the Detroit Dog Rescue! (They’re on FB) You can not go wrong with this product my Fellow Humans. I am so very amazed & emotionally pleased! (PRICES ARE CRAZY LOW AS WELL!!) – Cat L.

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