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Align Your Dog’s Chakras

3 min read

reiki for dogEasy Steps on How to Align Your Dog’s Chakras

Pick a time when it is relatively quiet or you can go somewhere for a bit of peace. If you are laughing and asking when the heck that will be…just pick a moment and breathe and allow yourself to slow down.

Take your dog outside for a bathroom break, just in case. Then find a quiet spot in your home or outside where you and your dog can relax. You and your dog should feel safe, comfortable and secure in this spot. Oh, turn cell phone off!!! Even vibrate.

Aromatherapy Help DogsMay I suggest our Relax! Roll-On. Relax! was created just for this purpose, to help you and your dog, well, relax. Roll some on your hands and gently stroke your dog. Then roll the Relax! on their belly or inside their ears. The gentle blend of aromatherapy oils was created to relax, calm, soothe and reassure your dog.

Clear your mind of any daily stress, your to-do list, images of Justin Bieber doing something stupid or anything Kardashian (I grossed myself out). Just pet your dog and let both of you relax and be together.

Dog Chakra doorNext, imagine a door to your heart opening and a pure light beam of love comes pouring out. Then, imagine a door to your dog’s heart opening and a golden or white light beam is glowing and pulsing. Now watch that light move from your heart to your dog’s heart and back and forth in a beautiful circle of unconditional love. This creates, grounds and deepens the loving connection between you and your dog for this session. Infuse all the love you have for your dog into this wave of love.


Remember, there is absolutely NO way you can mess this process up or do it wrong. You have already done it right, just by thinking about it. Allow your hands to hover over your dog’s body, not really touching, your hands float just above your dog. Allow all the love you feel for your dog to pour through your heart into your hands and onto and into your dog. If you feel so moved, you may even say a prayer and ask for any extra love to be sent to your dog. You may feel a bit silly or think you aren’t “doing it right” but I promise, there is no wrong way to do this.

Allow this energy flow to continue until your dog lets you know they have had enough for this session or you feel it is time to stop. Your dog may get up and walk away, whine or become restless. Some dogs would soak up the vibes for hours and others are through in minutes. You can end the session whenever it feels you need to also, you will know.

To end the session respectfully, imagine gently closing the door from your heart to your dog’s heart and from theirs to yours. Thank your dog for accepting this gift from you and for giving you the energy that they shared.

If you wish, sit and enjoy being with your dog. Just pet them or even sit without touching. Give them your undivided attention throughout this process and you will be amazed by how much better you feel.

You did it! You balanced your dog’s energy system.

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