NOSE BUTTER Saves Bruce Wayne’s NOSE

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French Bulldog Bruce WayneNOSE BUTTER TO THE RESCUE for French Bulldog Bruce Wayne

This crime fighting French Bulldog Bruce Wayne was hiding in the BatCave, ashamed of that dry, crusty nose. It was keeping him from saving Gotham City by night and attending charity functions by day! NOSE BUTER® to the rescue.

Here’s the actual note from Alfred: 

I am so excited about your product!!! We have used French Bulldog NOSE BUTTER for 2.5 days now and have had AMAZING results. Our French Bulldog, Bruce Wayne has suffered from a dry nose for years now and nothing has helped. Your product is amazing!!! The dry skin from his nose flaked off within Day Two of using it and he looks amazing!! A.G.

Just in case you never saw this video…enjoy the Pug singing the old Batman theme song. I never get tired of this one.


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