Frankie the Pug Pees While Standing on Front Paws

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I have now seen it all…forget a Bucket List, to heck with being on Oprah (damn her for canceling the show before she had me on it), who needs to be on Dancing With The Stars. I have now spent two minutes of my life watching Frankie the Pug pee while standing on his front legs and then blogged about it.  Frankie’s owner, Olga Ostashinskaya, filmed Frankie outside her home in Russia as he performed a feat that many can only dream of. . She swear no one taught him this viral worthy trick (how would you teach it? ow that I ponder THAT thought). Olga and her family share that Frankie always gets a lot of attention when they take him for his “Frankie Gotta Go” walks. Neighborhood kids run out to watch Frankie pee.

I have seen Frenchies get lift to “front paw standing only” when enjoying a particularly intense poo, but I ass-umed it was propulsion. What Frankie does takes peeing to a whole new level.

Enjoy the video, apologies if that janky 20 second commercial pops up – use that 20 seconds to prepare yourself for the awesomeness of what is to come!


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