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Brussels Griffon NOSE BUTTER Review

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brussels griffon nose butter reviewBRUSSELS GRIFFON NOSE BUTTER REVIEW

After using everything imaginable on our little Brussel’s nose, we found your NOSE BUTTER for the Brussels Griffon! 10 days later; blisters are all gone!!! Thank you so much Kathy!

Happy Brussels Griffon Mom,


The Brussels Griffon is a fascinating little dog with a history to match. As you might imagine, they originated as a breed in Belgium. The Affenpinscher (obvs), English Toy Spaniel (King Charles in the UK and Europe) and Pug were crossed with the local feisty little terriers to create the Griff we know today. In this breed, it is easy to see the influence each of those breeds had on the Brussels Griffon of today. After a few generations of crosses, the early Belgian breeders had set the breed type – a small dog with expressive features with outstanding rat hunting abilities.

The Brussels Griffon was adored by all – both the noble born and those of not so noble birth enjoyed the company of this jaunty little dog. The first standard for the breed, a written description of how the breed should look, was written by 1883 in Belgium and fanciers began showing them in dog shows. Marie Henriette, Belgium’s queen and a dog enthusiast, fell in love with the little Griffon Bruxellois (as they are called in Europe) and became a passionate advocate for the breed. In the late 1800s the Brussels Griffon was exported to both the United Kingdom and the United States.The first Brussels Griffon were shown at Westminster Kennel Club in 1899.

This has never been a popular breed, but those who do discover these little imps virtually always become enamored of them.


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