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LITTLEL’S Artisan Treats is Giving Away GREAT PRIZES!


Yeah, FREE STUFF! Don’t we all LOVE FREE STUFF???

This month, we have partnered with Little L’s to give away 32 main prizes + consolation prizes in Pawsome Pals February Giveaway!

To enroll click the button below and go for it!


LITTLE L’s is giving away the following pawsome products for dog parents and their furkids:

Little L's dog treatsPup-Casso™ Art Kit: ?Unleash your doggy’s inner artist and turn him into the next Mutt-isse! Using thispawsome kit, you and your fur baby can create a timeless masterpiece, all without getting those paws dirty or your floor messy! Monetary value: USD 19.99 + shipping. Two lucky winners will get this prize! ??Can’t wait? Get directly from Art Casso. Use code LITTLELS for free shipping!

Large Bag of Little L’s Krak’ems:? Treat your munchkin to our delightfully crunchy and incredibly flavorful all-natural all-meat brittle! Handmade from locally sourced farm-grown meat in New York City. Monetary value: USD18 + shipping. Choose from chicken, turkey, beef or pork. Three lucky winners will get this prize!

Can’t wait? Visit Little L’s store and use code GIVEAWAY02F for 15% off. Buy two bags (small or large), and get FREE SHIPPING and FREE Valentine’s box! GO straight to shopping here.

The Blissful Dog Paw Butter: ?Keep your doggy’s paws happy and comfortable with this made in USA butter, handcrafted from organic ingredients including shea butter, beeswax, coconut oil and other all natural oils. Monetary value: USD 9.95 + shipping. Seven lucky winners will get this prize! ??Can’t wait? Visit The Blissful Dog store and get FREE .15 oz tube of BOO BOO BUTTER with any purchase!?? Use LITTLELS coupon.

Free Sample Pack of Little L’s Krak’ems (+ Free Shipping): ?Give your doggy a chance to try all four types of krak’ems! This sample packcontains generously sized chunks of chicken, turkey, beef and pork brittle. Monetary value: USD 6 + shipping. Twenty lucky winners will get this prize!?? Can’t wait? Take risk-free 100% satisfaction guaranteed Little L’s Picky Dog Challenge and receive all four samples for FREE. GO HERE FOR SAMPLE PACKS!

Consolation Prizes:?The best part of our giveaway is that EVERYDOGGY WINS! If you did not win any of the main prizes, you will still receive FREE samples of Little L’s dog treats. Choose from chicken, turkey, beef or pork krak’ems. Monetary value: USD 2 + shipping. You will also receive amazing VIP offers from our participating partners! CONSOLE YOURSELF HERE.

So what are you waiting for? Enroll now!!!


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