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May 27, 2015

relax dog aromatherapy happy dogRELAX DOG AROMATHERAPY RAVE REVIEW

I cannot say enough good things about the Relax dog aromatherapy roll-on oils. My dog had such bad anxiety.. From kids, to long walks, to car rides, to other dogs, to loud noises, just about anything. I tried other methods to relieve her anxiety but nothing worked. I heard about oils to help dogs with anxiety so I looked into it and found The Blissful Dog. It was affordable and worth a try.

Immediately after the first use my dogs anxiety started to decrease. She wasn’t shaking before her walk (we live around a lot of little kids) and she was so calm. She was much more relaxed in the car and I can notice a big decrease in her anxiety and I’ve been using it for less than a week! I am so happy something is finally working for her anxiety. Thank you so much, I will definitely keep purchasing the oils and highly recommend it!


PS – I am definitely relieved and happy to see my rescue pup happy too!

Note from Kathy: We are so grateful and feeling blessed to have helped this little dog (and her loving dog mom) have a happier life. Living with anxiety is hard for dogs and people. It makes us so happy to know she is enjoying her walks and daily routine much more now.

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