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german shepherd nose butterseeing-eye-dogJust when I am convinced the world is full of serial killers, axe murderers, and reality show wanna-be’s something always happens to remind of the infinite loving kindness of people.

A customer called the other day and ordered NOSE BUTTER with the German Shepherd label. I asked her about her dog and she said…

“Oh, The NOSE BUTTER isn’t for my dog, it’s for my neighbor’s German Shepherd, his Seeing Eye dog.”

She shared that her neighbor was concerned about his dog’s dry nose, but had no idea what to do. We talked a bit, decided NOSE BUTTER in the tin would be easier for him to apply and concluded the transaction. For the rest of the day I thought about her kindness. It would have been easy for her to have commiserated with him about the dog’s nose and gone on about her day. Nope, not her! She took time from her busy life, searched online, found The Blissful Dog and solved the problem…quietly and without any thought of recognition or reward.

In today’s privacy conscious world, I won’t share her full name, but I would like to acknowledge Sherry in Arizona’s kindness.

Maybe someday you will be moved to share an act of kindness. And when you do, please think of Sherry’s selfless gift to her neighbor and his dog, Angel. Then, someday, when someone does something completely unexpected and thoughtful for you…you will know that it all began with the generosity of a lady in Arizona.

I am humbled and honored to share their story with each of you.

This image was found online, my thanks to whomever took it.

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