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I know, I know, nobody really cares about all the nuts and bolts parts but me and my team. Alycia and Ashley act like they care, but I suppose they have to since I pay them. Hahaha. Anyhow, if you’ve shopped with us before you may have noticed an overhaul to the MENU. I have gone to one level with nothing that drops down. Hopefully, this makes navigating easier whether you shop on your desktop, laptop, table or phone.

One thing I have had to finally accept is this…no matter how hard we all try nothing always works 100% every single time. Sometimes there are disturbances in the ethers and that can prevent you from finalizing your purchase. There is no rhyme or reason and PLEASE call me or send an email if you do have any issues. I know 99%+ of the time everything works as it should, but that blasted 1% drives me bonkers!

I also consolidated all the info onto one landing page. Anything you need to know is accessible from the INFO PAGE. Yeah, I was so original with that name, but hey, why reinvent that particular wheel.

There are still a few things I am working on with The Blissful Dog website update that are taking longer than I expected (shocking!). I’ll keep you posted!

PS – I am using the Pekingese puppies RELAX image for this page to make me smile….


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