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Paw Butter


For Paw-sitively Perfect Paw Pads! Sure, our dogs have thick, tough paw pads, but they still need TLC! Organic handcrafted PAW BUTTER™ provides layers of moisturizing support and treatment for your dogs dry, rough paw pads.


  • .25 & .50 oz slide tin
  • 1, 2 & 4 oz tin
  • .15 oz tube & 3 .15 tubes for $9
  • .50, .75 & 2 oz tube
  • Little Paw Combo Kit
  • Big Paw Combo Kit
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dry dog paw treatmentPAW BUTTER – Organic Treatment for Your Dog’s Rough, Dry Cracked Paw Pads

Paw pads cushion and protect your dog’s paws and act like mini-shock absorbers. Plus, their legs are shorter than ours, which means those paws hit the ground a lot more often than our feet do. Think how many steps a Pomeranian takes to keep up with a 6’4″ person!

Of course, our dog’s paws do need a certain amount of “toughness” to them. But their pads don’t have to be rough, dry and scratch when they jump on your legs. (Yeah, my unruly dogs jump up on my legs – oh well). Paw Butter helps their paws be more comfortable – for you and them!

Handcrafted by me from organic shea butter, organic beeswax, organic castor oil, organic avocado oil, organic almond oil, organic cocoa seed butter, organic coconut oil, organic olive oil, plus a rich infusion of St. John’s Wort Oil, Calendula Oil, Comfrey Oil,  a dash of essential oils, and a LOT of LOVE.

Little Paw Gift Pack

  • two .15 ounce tubes of PAW BUTTER
  • one .50 ounce slider tin of PAW BUTTER
  • organza gift wrap bag

Big Paw Gift Pack

  • one 2 ounce tin of PAW BUTTER
  • one .75 tube of PAW BUTTER
  • one .15 tube of PAW BUTTER
  • organza gift bag


Your dog’s paw pads are strong and tough, but they still need paw-pampering! Just as wearing Lady Gaga-ish shoes with five inch heels would be brutal for us (I cannot imagine), trotting beside you on hot pavement or through snow and ice will brutalize your dog’s paws. City sidewalks wreak havoc on your dog’s paw pads. In the winter the salt and chemicals used to remove ice are harsh on your dog’s paws and in the summer sidewalks are HOT!

As a Blissful Dog mom or dad what can you do to keep your dog’s feet happy? Every couple of days look each pad over and ensure there are no areas of concern (cracked, bleeding, suspicious bumps) or anything stuck in the pad. Carefully push on the pad and see if there is a reaction. It may take a few times of doing this to determine what is “normal” for your dog.


Pedi Time: Click, click, click means your dog’s nails need trimming. Yep, if you can hear them, they are too long.  Have your vet or groomer show you how to do this, if you are unsure. If nail trimming is one of those battle royale events, let the groomer or vet do it. Just remember to keep them trimmed!

Paw Peering: Look between toes for anything that should not be there: thorns, rocks, glass, gum, anything undesired. Do this at least weekly, if possible.

Moisturizing Moment: Wipe their paw pads off using a wet wipe, one of those way cool plunger things (why did I not think of THAT?). Then apply Paw Butter™ using the twist-tube applicator or if you prefer the tins, using a dab on your fingers. We recommend you give them a treat or toy to distract them from licking. Even if they DO lick it off, some will be absorbed and it will not hurt them. If you have a “licker” then we suggest you rub it in more. Tip: if you have carpeting or nice furniture (I envy you-kidding, but only a little), allow PAW BUTTER to absorb for 10-15 minutes before allowing them access.

Deep Tissue Paw Massage: When you have time, give your dog more of a massage. Start with the big pad, rubbing PAW BUTTER deeply into their pads and move onto each toe pad. This is great to do while you sit and Netflix binge (I know you do it).

Apply First Aid: Little cuts (less than 1/2 inch or so-use common sense) can be cleaned with an antiseptic pad. Bigger cuts or one that is bleeding a lot need to be seen by a vet. Boo Boo Butter can be used for after care. I gotta say it: Seek veterinarian advice if your dog has an injury to their paw.

Snip and Trim: Trim paw hair regularly to avoid painful matting. Simply comb hair out, especially from between the toes, and trim even with the pads. Note: Not everyone feels dogs need to have the hair trimmed, this is your personal preference. AND if you are not comfortable doing this, have your groomer do it.

Pug ShoesHot! Hot! = Dry Dog Paws: Touch your forearm to the sidewalk to see if it is too hot for your dog to walk comfortably on. If it hurts you, it will probably hurt them. Hot sidewalks and sand can burn! Your dog wants to be with you and will suffer to do so. For minor burns, clean with antibacterial cleanser, for serious burns, visit your vet immediately.

Froze Toes: We call it froze toes when the dogs dash outside in Minnesota winter (science fiction cold) and stop and hold a foot up within moments. Snow crystals can freeze inside their paw pads and does that hurt! Plus, chemicals and salt can be toxic! After outdoor walks, wash your dog’s paws in warm water to rinse away salt and chemicals. You may consider a pair of booties for your cold-weather friend.

An Ounce of Paw-vention: Keep it clean and clear. Make sure there are no nails, broken glass or anything that can cut your dog’s paw pads when you go on a walk. Remember – if you wouldn’t like to walk on it barefoot, neither will your dog!

Build Up: Just as we need to build up to a new exercise regimen, so do our dogs. Do not take them for a long walk across rocky terrain with carpet soft paws. Think walking barefoot across sharp rocks. Paw Empathy.

Footpad Hyperkeratosis: Sometimes you see paw pads that have an overgrowth, like extra paw pad growing up on the sides and maybe an unusual amount of hair in between the pads. This is a whole other thing! It is similar to what you see on dog;s noses that started the whole Nose Butter™ mission. The paw pad variety of this is called Footpad Hyperkeratosis. Hyperkeratosis often runs in bloodlines and results in severe digital hyperkeratosis (overgrowth of crusts and crud) by 5-6 months of age. Once again, not life threatening, but needs to be addressed for their comfort and your peace of mind. Just apply Paw Butter™!

Dry dog paws can be prevented. Paw Butter™ – that is all I am going to say on this. So there. Well, one more time Paw Butter helps dry dog paws feel better and look better.

Note: Labels may vary slightly, as I cannot stop myself from playing with the design.


  • Tin – Dab a bit appropriate for their size nose across the top of the nose
  • Tube – Point away from eyes and swipe across nose
  • Apply 2-3x a day for 2-3 days until nose is smooth
  • Then as needed for maintenance (1-3x weekly on average)


To keep your dog from licking NOSE BUTTER off try the following

  • Give a cookie or treat before and after application (added benefit – they soon associate NOSE BUTTER with yummy treats)
  • Feed dinner (extra yummy)
  • Play a game
  • Go for a walk


  • Apply 2-3x a day for 2-3 days
  • Test crusty area with tissue
  • If crust crumbles off drop back to maintenance application
  • If crust does not easily crumble off continue application 2-3x a day for 2-3 more days
  • Repeat test
  • Then use as needed for maintenance (may be daily for senior or compromised dogs)


  • NOSE BUTTER in the tin and the tube is same product, just different containers
  • NOSE BUTTER will do no harm if your dog licks some and swallows it (or eats the whole tin)
  • The new nose leather underneath may be lighter in color when crust comes off


Many dogs loathe being controlled, held tightly or messed with in any way. Flat-faced dogs often stress a bit more because their breathing is already compromised, so they instinctively try to prevent having their noses covered.  Be FAST in applying NOSE BUTTER and they will not struggle as much.

Suggestions: Gently tap NOSE BUTTER onto their nose while they are sleeping. If your dog wakes up, act casual, like you did not do anything.

Give a treat that is gooey with a stronger smell (goat cheese, bit of peanut butter, tuna) with one hand  and quickly dab NOSE BUTTER on with the other hand.

Don’t feel bad – It takes Steve and me BOTH to apply Nose Butter to 12 pound Gio. Embarrassing.

More NOSE BUTTER Info Here

Official Disclaimer: I only want the very best for you and your dog. I am not a veterinarian or a vet tech, but I have years of creating organic products to help your dog live a more comfortable life. Any info you find here is shared as information about The Blissful Dog products. If your dog has any other symptoms that suggest a vet check-up, or your guts says you should, please take your dog to the vet.  Just like in people, sometimes an odd symptom may mask another condition.


Have you looked for an ORGANIC alternative to chemical laden sunscreens and sunblocks for your dog? Do you want sun support without ZINC OXIDE in it? Look no more! The Blissful Dog NOSE BUTTER SUMMERTIME is here for your dog’s summer nose support. Available with a variety of our most popular breed labels and Just A Summer Nose label.


As you may know, finding an organic alternative for your dog’s summertime nose care can be daunting! Products are either packed full of unpronounceable chemicals or may have zinc oxide (really bad for dogs).

There has been a lot of info in the news that the sunscreens we thought were helping us prevent scary skin issues may not be so wonderful after all. It is up to us to read, learn and make good decisions not just for our own sun care, but for our pets also.


For years people have asked us about a sunscreen formulation, something that was organic that would help shield our dog’s noses from the sun. As I began researching and developing the formulation I realized there were no cut and dried easy answers. Drat…I love easy answers! Zinc oxide is the “go-to” ingredient for organic human sun products, but is a BIG no-no for dogs. Zinc toxicity is a real condition and is much easier for a dog to develop than I initially thought. So that ingredient was out!

Luckily, we have other blissful options in our organic garden such as red raspberry oil, carrot seed oil and more. NOSE BUTTER SUMMERTIME INFO

NOSE BUTTER® SUMMERTIME INGREDIENTS Organic Shea Butter, Organic Castor Oil, Organic Olive Oil, Organic Almond Oil, Coconut Oil, Organic Beeswax, Organic Avocado Oil, Organic Cocoa Seed Butter, Organic Red Raspberry Seed Oil,  Organic Jojoba Oil, Argan Oil, Organic Neem Oil, Organic Carrot Seed Oil a Dash of Essential Oils (Lavender, Cedarwood, Frankincense, Myrrh) and a Lot of Love.


Bulldog summerApply as you would NOSE BUTTER® – Complete directions in USING NOSE BUTTER TAB. Apply and allow it to be absorbed (10-15 minutes) before your dog goes outside. If your dog will be in direct sunlight, re-apply every 3-4 hours. Once again, NOSE BUTTER SUMMERTIME is not labeled as sunscreen or sunblock protection.

NOSE BUTTER SUMMERTIME is another tool for you to use for your dog’s nose health. With top of the line organic ingredients that are known for natural sun support, NOSE BUTTER SUMMERTIME offers the happy medium of organic, NO ZINC, summer nose care for your blissful dog.

Great dog nosesDry Dog Nose Info

“My dog’s nose is dry”. “My dog must be sick, her nose is warm.”

We have all heard that a warm or dry dog nose means a dog is sick and that all healthy dogs have moist, wet noses.

Actually, a dog’s noses can be a bit warm and be perfectly fine. Just as we have moments when we may feel a little hotter or flush and then fine in a few minutes, so can our dogs. So, a warm nose, with no other symptoms of illness is no cause for concern. Of course, lethargy, fever or other symptoms may necessitate a trip to the vet.

A dry, cracked crusty nose CAN be cause for attention. Of course, (blatant plug), we want you to start with using Nose Butter® and take care of it…but let’s look at the WHY of the crusties.

Nasodigital Hyperkeratosis is an idiopathic (unknown cause) condition that is marked by the excessive formulation of nose or footpad crusts that vets call keratin. It is common in older dogs and certain breeds seem to have a genetic predisposition to the condition. Thick, crusty, hard, dry crud accumulates on the top of the nose, paw pads, or both. The accumulated dry keratin is usually most visible on the top of the nose and at the edges of the paw pads. This is not life-threatening and is considered cosmetic, but we want to eradicate this condition! Nose Butter and Paw Butter are the key line of defense…not getting all infomercial on you. But that is why I created this line of products…it all started with Frenchie crusties that did not want to go away!

The paw pad variety of this is called Footpad Hyperkeratosis. Hyperkeratosis is thought to run in bloodlines and results in severe digital hyperkeratosis (overgrowth of crusts and crud). Once again, not life threatening, but needs to be addressed for their comfort and your peace of mind.

Sensitivities to plastic bowls can cause some nose issues. Switch to stainless shell or a well-made ceramic pronto. All those bad chemicals that we now know were in water bottles have often been used in pet food bowls!

There is another, serious condition, called Pemphigus foliates, which DOES need veterinarian intervention. It is characterized by blisters on the dry nose of a dog. They can burst and form crust that can covers the nostrils and makes breathing difficult. This is an autoimmune skin disease that is so very common amongst our modern dogs and cats. I repeat, your dog’s dry nose in this case would certainly need a vet’s attention.

Some dogs may be sensitive to the sun and need a bit of sunscreen. Shea Butter offers some natural SPF protection, the exact numbers are not available, as sources say anywhere from 9 to 30. I will have a sunscreen option soon (by spring 2014 for sure).

This is intended to give you a bit of info on the various conditions that can cause your best friend to have a dry, crusty dog nose. If you need more info, visit the Merck Vet manual site, email us or Google it!

More NOSE BUTTER Info Here

Official The Blissful Dog Disclaimer: This article is not intended as a substitute for veterinarian care. Please consult your veterinarian if your dog needs medical care.

The Blissful Dog Reviews

BeforeAfter_orangeblueDelighted customers are the best compliment a business can have. We are blessed to have hundreds of rave reviews, many of which have powerful Before & After images. Visit our REVIEWS page for even more.

Labradoodle Nose is Almost Completely Healed!
We have been using salicylic acid on Magnum the Labradoodle’s nose. Then the split in his nostril was so bad that the Vet dermatologist recommended “Liquid bandage” for humans be applied. Needless to say Magnum hated this. After one application he ran into his crate when he saw me coming with the bottle. I was desperate and then I heard about Nose Butter! Magnum’s nose is almost completely healed. And his nose is now “inviting” for a snuggle! I can’t thank you enough. – Carol

Testimonial for French Bulldog Nose Butter
 Thank you for making NOSE BUTTER!!! My pups nose was all chapped and icky, after two day of using NOSE BUTTER it is a thousand times better. The tube makes application so much easier. She also has super dry ears and I rubbed some on the inside of her ear, and they are no longer dry and itchy. – Thank you, L.

He Knows NOSE BUTTER Helps
Cocker Spaniel Nose is better now! Kathy, I just can’t believe the difference in my doggie’s nose! He doesn’t even fuss…its like he knows it makes him better! Thank you so much for your fab product and for so improving my old angel’s feelings and appearance. –Jacqui x

Boston Terrier Nose Butter Testimonial
I just wanted to say thanks for getting my dog’s nose looking good again. My 12-year old Boston Terrier’s nose was literally coming of in little chucks. Now it’s solid again and looks great!” –April M.D.

Review Chihuahua NOSE BUTTER Saved Her Nose
Your cream has done wonders for my baby girl and I cannot thank you enough! She suffers from severe cracked, dry bleeding nose issues and this butter has literally saved her poor little nose from the pain and suffering it once was so accustomed to. Thank you a million times over!! –Jesica N.

Nothing Had Helped My Frenchie’s Nose!
I have tried so many products for my Frenchie’s crusty nose and nothing has helped . My vet told me about NOSE BUTTER. I ordered it and it came in 2 days! After 3 days of treatment omg …. I can not believe the difference! No more crusty nose! Thank you!!!!! –C.O.N.

I can’t believe how quickly the Nose Butter worked…just like it said it would. It came yesterday. I used it on our English Bulldog last night and tonight and its like he has a new nose. It has always been crusty and now it looks great!!” –Kim C.

Boxer NOSE BUTTER Thumbs Up on Instagram
Idk if your babies have the same issues as mine, but Nika’s nose was so dry and crusty and gross. We found this stuff called Nose Butter by The Blissful Dog. It’s all organic so they can lick it. We have used it 3xs a day for maybe 4 days and her nose looks so much better. Just wanted to share in case any if ur babies make have this problem. –From Tara on Instagram

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Let’s see how good you are at identifying the following breeds just from their noses!


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