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Rave Reviews, Kudos and Dazzling Testimonials

The Blissful Dog has Rave Reviews from hundreds (maybe thousands) of happy customers and their equally thrilled dogs. Here are just a few for you to enjoy, plus, over 1200 and counting more can be seen on our ETSY store if you wish to check them out.

Do YOU have a Blissful Review you would like to share? We would LOVE to have them. Email Kathy or use the handy, dandy contact form here.
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elbow callus dog treatmentELBOW BUTTER WORKS WONDERS

I received the Boo Boo Butter in the mail today. Thank you so much! So far I’ve been using the Elbow Butter on my Irish Wolfhound puppy’s elbows (he likes to “army crawl” around the floor and has rug burn on his elbows lol) and it’s been working wonders!

Thanks again,



I had been searching for a good product to use for my Great Dane dry nose issues. I used it as soon as the order arrived. It’s amazing just a amazing product! I am using it for all his dry areas also his minor scratches. Harvey’s dry issues are just about completely healed. I’m very impressed with this product. I’m so glad I took a chance in buying it. I will continue to use this product for sure.

Thank you again Extremely Happy customer,



BOXER NOSE BUTTER REVIEW: I received your product Thursday it is now Saturday morning and my boxer’s nose is almost all better. I can’t believe how fast it is working! His nose was so bad we would refer to him as barnacle nose. I wish I would have taken a before picture. Your NOSE BUTTER is amazing and I will be recommending it to everyone I know. ????

No More Barnacle Nose!


cocker spaniel nose butter beforeCOCKER SPANIEL NOSE BUTTER WORKED WONDERS

Your product works wonders!

Thanks so much my cocker is 12 & has suffered from dry cracked nose his whole life. This transition has been amazing never thought we’d see his cute little nose.

Kayla C.

French Bulldog brindleNOSE BUTTER Amazing Product!

Can I just say your NOSE BUTTER product is utterly amazing! You sent me two tins in the post to France (Europe) recently.

I have two French Bulldogs who suffer from dry noses – not anymore! After only the first application I noticed a huge difference. Now three days on their noses are moisturised and glossy again.

Thank you so much,

Samantha W.

help boxer dog noseBOXER NOSE IS 10X BETTER

Just wanted to review the NOSE BUTTER® for Boxers! My 9 year old Boxer has the crustiest nose ever. Its very dry looks like you can peel it right off. I have been using the product now for about a week (inconsistently because its hard to get him to sit for it) and its working!

His nose looks 10x better and we still have more to go. As I mentioned, he doesn’t like his face messed with so I don’t apply the recommended 3x day and still great results. He’s looking younger in a week ;)

Thank you! 



I just wanted to let you know that I bought a slide tin of the NOSE BUTTER® for our dog Sugar. After using the product a week her nose is perfect. Wow! Thank you so much.

Thank you,

Yvette F.
Albuquerque, NM

Boxer Nose Butter before afterNOSE BUTTER FOR BOXERS

Love your Nose Butter for Boxers. Here is a photo taken 29 April and the other 20 May (next post) and what a difference! Below is a before photo. And this is the result using Nose Butter. I love the product!

Diane A.


american eskimo nose butter reviewAmerican Eskimo NOSE BUTTER

I received my order of NOSE BUTTER® for one of my American eskimo dogs and just in the few days I have been using it, can see the difference and I’m sure my Kodi can feel it….love it and that it is made in the USA…

nose butter review dry dog noseNOSE BUTTER AMAZING STUFF

Pretty amazing stuff this Nose Butter, we are well on our way to a nose that is a million times better, another week and I will post a new picture. This is the old nose.

This was taken about 5 days before buying the Nose Butter and it was bleeding at that time. Nothing I had tried had worked at all. KUDOS, I recommend, recommend, recommend!

Jak’s nose has been like this for a couple of years, especially in the summer with the heat, he is 9 1/2 and the vet told us that this was due to old age and to try vitamin e. I tried many things but Nose Butter has been the only stuff that actually works.

THANK YOU! –Rebecca P.

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